Stellan Mohlin

Stellan Mohlin
Born: 11 July, 1925

Stellan Mohlin’s love affair with badminton lasted almost as long as the International Badminton Federation itself.

He first played the game in 1935, just a year after the founding of the Federation and through the years leading up to his induction to the Hall of fame in 1999, his contribution to the sport as a player and administrator is one of the most distinguished in any sport.

As a player, he won the first of his 23 international caps at the age of 25 and along the way picked up 11 national titles.

IBF President: 1976-1981

He moved into management and administration of the sport in 1954 as a committee member of the Svenkka Badmintonforbundet. His list of offices since is long and illustrious.

He became a council member of the I.B.F in 1964 and assumed the presidency of the European Badminton Union in 1967.

His skills as a linguist and his ability to combine badminton travel with his business international business interest made him an ideal candidate for that post. Membership to and participation in European competitions blossomed.

In 1976, he became President of the I.B.F and soon had the bitter sweet experience of watching his native Sweden running the First official World Championships while the I.B.F. was slowly breaking up before his eyes.

Once again he proved to be the right man in the right place at the right time and almost singlehandedly he represented I.B.F. interest in the difficult years between 1977 and 1980 when the sport was threatened with the formation of the rival World Badminton Federation.

It is always distressing to spent time preventing play and this tendency was kept to a minimum, due entirely to Stellan’s ability to maintain his enthusiasm and to his unshakeable belief that international sport is a worthwhile pursuit and that its benefits will overcome almost any problem.

After four years of concentrated effort, he was able to preside over a united Annual General Meeting in Tokyo in 1981 when the whole badminton world was present.

A grateful I.B.F. conferred on him its highest honour by unanimously electing him an Honorary Life Vice-President.

Service of 20 years to the I.B.F. and 49 years to the game represents a commitment to badminton which very few people are prepared to make.

Stellan Mohlin is known, liked and respected wherever our sport is played.

His advice and friendship had always been most welcome.

 -- By William Kings

Mohlin (seated 2nd from r) leads swedish t. cup team - badminton gazette dec 1963-jan 1964 cover (l-r) s. mohlin, moller (den) and valken (hol) - ibf agm - bg nov 1966 S mohlin at 1982 all england - pic by louis ross Stellan mohlin - march 1984 world badminton - pic by preben soborg Stellan mohlin (r) at the 1983 all england championships - pic by louis ross Stellan mohlin at 1982 all england - pic by preben soborg Stellan mohlin at 1985 world cships - pic by preben soborg Stellan mohlin receiving the herbert scheele award from betty scheele in 1991 Stellan mohlin - capt of sweden - bg mar 1955 S mohlin (l) heads successful team swedens visit to scotland - bg april 1953 -