A.C.J. van Vossen

A.C.J. van Vossen

A.C.J. van Vossen represented Denmark in the inaugural General Meeting of IBF on 5 July 1934 where he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Federation.

Here he stayed for the rest of his life, from 1940 as Vice-President and finishing his career as President of IBF from 1959 – 1961, when he passed away in March 1961 holding office.

IBF President: 1959-1961

A.C.J. van Vossen was a Dutch businessman and badminton enthusiast who was quite instrumental to the spread of the game from the British Isles to the European continent in the 1930’s.

In 1932 he was elected Head of Selectors and Board member, a few years later in 1936 Vice-President, of the young Danish Association.

In particular, he served his adopted country as ‘Secretary of Foreign Relations’. Denmark had in 1932 joined the Badminton Association and A.C.J. van Vossen was for the next almost twenty years the Danish representative here and in IBF.

Thanks to his efforts and international contacts the Irish Strollers of J.D.M. Mc Callum visited Denmark and other countries on the continent in the 1930’s and inspired and catalyzed the development of badminton wherever they came and played.

He also arranged the first ever match between his home country of the Netherlands and Denmark in Nordwijk in 1932 and even played for Denmark in this match at the age of 50.

Van Vossen took great pride in the progress and achievements of his players and celebrated a highlight of his badminton life when as team Manager he returned to Denmark in 1939 with the first Danish All England title to Tage Madsen in MS.

In the early 1950’s A.C.J. van Vossen retired from his oil business in Copenhagen and returned to the Netherlands.

He continued, however, to serve as Vice-President of IBF, from 1952 representing the Netherlands.

In 1959 he was elected to the IBF Presidency.

 -- By William Kings

Ibf president acj van vossen - ibf handbook 1959-60 Acj van vossen (3rd from right) - january 1934 badminton gazette A.c.j. van vossen (denmark) undated