• Badminton for Everyone Badminton for Everyone

    11 August, 2016

    Badminton finally wins the vote to be a medal sport at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

  • Barcelona 1992 - Results Barcelona 1992 - Results

    10 August, 2016

    Here are the full results compiled for Badminton contested at 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.

  • A Badminton  Centenary A Badminton Centenary

    10 August, 2016

    This year, 1977, a Badminton centenary is celebrated for it was some time a hundred years ago in 1877 that the first Laws of the game were actually compiled and put into print.

  • Olympic Champions Olympic Champions

    09 August, 2016

    Here is a list of Badminton's Gold medallists ever since the game became an official Olympic Sport back in the year 1992 when Susi Susanti of Indonesia won the game's first ever Gold Medal in Barcelona.

  • The Enduring Mystery of Badminton’s Origins The Enduring Mystery of Badminton’s Origins

    09 August, 2016

    It is generally accepted that the early forms of Badminton were played in an aristocrat’s mansion in Gloucestershire, England. But whether or not that is really where this game first emerged worldwide is another story. Richard Eaton provides some very interesting facts in the discussion that follows.

  • Badminton – a Kaleidoscope of Antiquity Badminton – a Kaleidoscope of Antiquity

    09 August, 2016

    Richard Eaton takes us back through the years as he examines the game of Badminton's history as well as its development then on. He takes a look at intriguing forms of the game that appeared throughout the world - as far back as ancient Greece as well as through Asian nations like China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea.

  • Big Changes at the Top Big Changes at the Top

    09 August, 2016

    The Editor of World Badminton, H.A.E Scheele, reflects on how 1975 will be remembered as a crucial year as Badminton experiences great advancement both in how the game is being conducted as well as the introduction of monetary reward for championship winners.

  • Atlanta 1996 - Results Atlanta 1996 - Results

    08 August, 2016

    The following are the full results compiled from all of the five badminton disciplines held at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA.

  • 260 Million More to go 260 Million More to go

    08 August, 2016

    Badminton convert, Julie K. Miller of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, admits that Badminton is indeed an Olympic Sport. However, she feels it is going to be a tough task convincing the rest of the American population to accept what is truly a fascinating game.

  • London 2012 Conclusion Statement London 2012 Conclusion Statement

    08 August, 2016

    A statement by the President of Badminton World Federation (BWF), Dr. Kang Young Joong at the conclusion of superb competitions over nine days at London 2012, during which fans across the globe get treated to badminton at its best!