• Quibble, Hobble, Hiccup Quibble, Hobble, Hiccup

    05 August, 2016

    Richard Eaton re-captures how China's doubles ace Li Yongbo gets tangled with officials at the 1992 Olympics Games in Barcelona for his own, and China's, benefit.

  • Badminton is Seemingly Not for the Olympics Badminton is Seemingly Not for the Olympics

    05 August, 2016

    H.A.E. Scheele, Editor of "World Badminton" offers his point of view on the International Badminton Federation's (I.B.F.) long-standing application for Badminton to be officially included into the Olympic Games programme.

  • Badminton as an Olympic Sport Badminton as an Olympic Sport

    05 August, 2016

    "World Badminton" Editor, H.A.E. Scheele takes a look at the request of the Editor of the Canadian Badminton Association Handbook for the official inclusion of Badminton in the Olympic Games programme.

  • The Olympic Demonstration Tournament The Olympic Demonstration Tournament

    04 August, 2016

    The draw for the Badminton Demonstration Tournament at the Munich Olympic Games beginning on September 4th. is published.

  • The Wood Shot Law’s Roller-Coaster Ride The Wood Shot Law’s Roller-Coaster Ride

    17 May, 2016

    This article reveals how the The Wood Shot Law eventually came into being, something that bugged the administrators of the game through the thirties till the early 1960s.

  • ‘Electronic Eye’ Revolution in Badminton ‘Electronic Eye’ Revolution in Badminton

    17 May, 2016

    Dev Sukumar takes a look at how the introduction of the Instant Review System (IRS) to review line decisions has grown to be a significant as well as an indispensable feature of world badminton today.

  • The Journey of the BWF Logo The Journey of the BWF Logo

    17 May, 2016

    Here is an interesting insight into the development of the International Badminton Federation (IBF) Logo over the years since the Federation's inception in 1934.

  • The Story of Coaching The Story of Coaching

    04 May, 2016

    This is an account by Lee Jae-Bok on how coaching developed as the game of badminton kept spreading worldwide. Lee is a former Korean national coach, former British Olympic coach and is one of the most renowned teachers of the game.

  • The Story of Court Officials The Story of Court Officials

    04 May, 2016

    The story of court officials goes way back, even before the establishment of the IBF, when there was fast rising interest in competitive play, in particular inter-club competitions, hence the need for court officials to put into force the first set of rules already in place throughout England.

  • Thomas Cup Established Thomas Cup Established

    09 April, 2016

    The following extract - Editorial Notes - Thomas Cup - from the 1948 - 1949 IBF Statutes, gives an insight into the decision by the IBF to establish a world team championships for men.