• Olympic Progress Olympic Progress

    04 August, 2016

    The application by the International Badminton Federation (I.B.F.) to include Badminton at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal is deferred during a meeting of the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) in February 1972.

  • The Olympic Tournament at Munich The Olympic Tournament at Munich

    04 August, 2016

    Seventeen countries gain invitations to participate in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games where Badminton is accepted as a Demonstration Sport.

  • Sensational Bang Sensational Bang

    14 April, 2016

    Korea's champion scores a sensational win to capture the Gold in Women's Singles at Atlanta 1996 over young Mia Audina of Indonesia.

  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

    08 April, 2016

    Badminton continues to live up to its high standards set earlier at Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 during the exceptional Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

    07 April, 2016

    The game gains immensely when the world's biggest badminton nation played host to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  • London 2012 Olympic Games London 2012 Olympic Games

    07 April, 2016

    To the entire world of Badminton the game made its homecoming when the 2012 Olympic Games was hosted by the city of London.