• Badminton – a Kaleidoscope of Antiquity Badminton – a Kaleidoscope of Antiquity

    09 August, 2016

    Richard Eaton takes us back through the years as he examines the game of Badminton's history as well as its development then on. He takes a look at intriguing forms of the game that appeared throughout the world - as far back as ancient Greece as well as through Asian nations like China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea.

  • A Link with History A Link with History

    08 June, 2016

    Here is another historical painting, a picture of which was published in the IBF Handbook for the year 1970. This painting which is dated 1813 and can be found in the museum at Eidsvold in Norway, continues to interest badminton fans the world over.

  • The Thomas Cup Story The Thomas Cup Story

    18 April, 2016

    This is a reproduction of The Thomas Cup Story by Herbert Scheele which first appeared in the May 1979 issue of World Badminton.