• The History of the All England Championships The History of the All England Championships

    12 September, 2017

    Geoff Hinder takes us way back to the year 1899 when the first Championships were contested. In the early years mainly English and Irish players were involved in the event. First staged at the London Scottish Drill Hall, the first Championships later settled at the Wembley Arena until making its last move to the National Indoor Arena at Birmingham.

  • The Institution of World Championships The Institution of World Championships

    23 February, 2017

    In the International Badminton Federation Handbook for the year 1970, Editor H.A.E. Scheele looks back at the various obstacles that had to be overcome for the successful institution and actual staging of the first World Badminton Championships.

  • Badminton’s First World Championships Badminton’s First World Championships

    25 November, 2016

    Badminton's inaugural World Championships is staged at Malmo in Sweden from the 3rd to 8th of May 1977!

  • Herbert Scheele - Secretary Extraordinary Herbert Scheele - Secretary Extraordinary

    25 November, 2016

    A write-up published in the August 1976 issue of World Badminton by Stuart Wyatt, the President of the IBF, on Herbert Scheele and the extraordinary secretary that he is.

  • The Man Who Invented Badminton The Man Who Invented Badminton

    24 November, 2016

    Something about John L. Baldwin who changed Battledore and Shuttlecock into Badminton.

  • Mr. G. A. Thomas Mr. G. A. Thomas

    23 November, 2016

    This is an article that appeared in the October 1912 issue of The Badminton Gazette. It reveals all we need to know, and more, about Sir George Thomas.

  • The Battledore Transformed The Battledore Transformed

    30 September, 2016

    In this article sub-titled "A History of Early Badminton", Richard Eaton makes a thorough examination of the origins of the game of Badminton.

  • Mr Badminton - Herbert Scheele Mr Badminton - Herbert Scheele

    30 August, 2016

    With incomparable vision, knowledge as well as undivided dedication and energy, Herbert Scheele is indeed Mr Badminton. He single-handedly got the world of badminton moving as early as in the 1930's.

  • Badminton Owes Much to Sir George Badminton Owes Much to Sir George

    18 August, 2016

    A great player and a great administrator, Sir George Thomas, passes away.

  • The Passing of Sir George Thomas The Passing of Sir George Thomas

    18 August, 2016

    The entire Badminton fraternity mourns the death of its Founding President, Sir George Thomas.