The Olympic Demonstration Tournament

04 August, 2016

The draw for the Olympic Demonstration Tournament scheduled to take place at Munich on September 4th is published below.

Except for Germany's Mrs. Gerlatzka, all the players invited have accepted, and nearly all will be taking part in two events. Late additional invitations have been extended to two more West German players. They are Willy Braun and Mrs. Brigitte Steden the national singles champion, who replaces Mrs. Gerlatzka. A further invitation has been extended to Mrs. Marieluise Zizmann of West Germany to be available as a reserve in case of any emergency. She is the former Miss Wackerow.

Play will take place in three sessions commencing at 10 in the morning on two courts, and on one court at 3 in the afternoon, with the finals scheduled to commence at 8 in the evening. One round of each event will be played in each session.

Very special and costly prize medals will be awarded to the winners and to the runners-up.


R. Hartono (Indonesia) v J. Paulson (Canada)

S. Johnsson (Sweden) v S. Goel (India)

W. Bochow (West Germany)  v Tan Aik Mong (Malaysia)

B. Jaiyen (Thailand) v S. Pri (Denmark)


Mrs. N. Nakayama (Japan) v Mrs. U. Strand (Denmark)

Mrs. B. Steden (West Germany) v Mrs. M. A. Gilks (Great Britain)

Miss Utami Dewi (Indonesia) v Mrs. E. Twedberg (Sweden)

Miss J. van Beusekom (Netherlands) v Miss H. Yuki (Japan)


Ade Chandra and Christian H. (Indonesia) v Tan Aik Mong (Malaysia) and B. Jaiyen (Thailand)

E. C. Stuart and D. Talbot (Great Britain) v W. Bochow (West Germany) and J. Paulson (Canada)

Ng Boon Bee and P. Gunalan (Malaysia) v I. Kojima (Japan) and S. Goel (India)

W. Braunand and R. Maywold(West Germany) a bye


D. Talbot and Mrs. M. A. Gilks (Great Britain) v I. Kojima and Mrs. N. Nakayama (Japan)

S. Johnsson and Mrs. E. Twedberg (Sweden) v R. Maywald and Mrs. B. Steden (West Germany)

E. C. Stuart (Great Britain) and Miss J. van Beusekom (Netherlands) v Christian H. and Miss Utami Dewi (Indonesia)

S. Pri and Mrs. Strand (Denmark) a bye