• The Good Old Days The Good Old Days

    22 January, 2018

    Pat Davis reveals how the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the IBF also featured an interesting gathering of some of the game's best players who got back on court.

  • The Developing of Badminton The Developing of Badminton

    19 January, 2018

    Badminton Coach of China, Yang Chen Xiang, recalls how Badminton was first popular in Europe and a few Asian countries, then spread rapidly through the rest of Asia, Africa and Latin America before Indonesia and China emerged on the scene to change the face of the game completely.

  • Badminton Loses One of its Great Champions Badminton Loses One of its Great Champions

    09 January, 2018

    The sudden demise of top Danish player Svend Pri shocks the world Badminton community.

  • Badminton’s First World Rankings! Badminton’s First World Rankings!

    19 December, 2017

    The International Badminton Federation introduces the World Ranking System in which Indonesia's Liem Swie King and Gillian Gilks of England are the top ranked players.

  • How His Playing Contemporaries Remember Sir George How His Playing Contemporaries Remember Sir George

    19 December, 2017

    In remembrance of Sir George Thomas, Canadian, English, Irish and Scottish contemporaries in the game write fondly about him.

  • Chinese “Hurricane” Chinese “Hurricane”

    19 December, 2017

    One week before Christmas in 1979 the world of Badminton receives a shock as Indonesian Badminton invincibility is smashed by the force of a Chinese "hurricane".

  • Some Impressions of the Chinese Some Impressions of the Chinese

    19 December, 2017

    A party comprising ten players - six men and four ladies, and five officials from China make their first ever playing trip out of their homeland and provide the entire world a glimpse of their brand of Badminton talent.

  • Badminton’s 21st Century acceleration Badminton’s 21st Century acceleration

    12 September, 2017

    With a new Council set in 2009 under a calm President, Kang Young-Joong, BWF finds a fresh and renewed togetherness for a more stable and positive new era.

  • Herbert Scheele - Secretary Extraordinary Herbert Scheele - Secretary Extraordinary

    25 November, 2016

    A write-up published in the August 1976 issue of World Badminton by Stuart Wyatt, the President of the IBF, on Herbert Scheele and the extraordinary secretary that he is.

  • Mr. G. A. Thomas Mr. G. A. Thomas

    23 November, 2016

    This is an article that appeared in the October 1912 issue of The Badminton Gazette. It reveals all we need to know, and more, about Sir George Thomas.