Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games

12 February, 2015

A major milestone in badmintons history, Barcelona 1992 saw the sports debut at the Olympic Games with 178 players from 37 countries taking part in their first Olympic badminton event.

Badminton had to wait many years and overcome a major schism in the sport before making its Olympic debut. It had been a Demonstration Sport in Munich in 1972 and badminton had a one-day exhibition in Seoul in 1988.

Almost everyone understood that this was as important as any moment since the international governing body was created 58 years earlier. But few expected the colossal success it became.

Not only did badminton make history, it did so with a unique media impact and a high profile romance between the singles winners. Indonesia gained its first Olympic champion in any sport after 40 years of trying, and Malaysia gained its first Olympic medal. The extension of success to new areas of the globe was just what the IOC had hoped badminton could provide.