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The world body for the sport, the Badminton World Federation (formerly known as International Badminton Federation (IBF) ), was only founded in 1934 however by that time the sport was already well established, played in numerous countries and administered by rules which were not always consistent. By that time, badminton had reached world proportions with national governing bodies in the continents of America, Australasia and Europe.

Variations – Laws of the Game

In the 1860s and 70s, there developed considerable variations in the laws of the game. At that time, badminton was regarded as a pastime and was indulged in by members of the leisured fraternity and by British servicemen and their families on tour in India.

This leisure activity however quickly picked up in popularity in England towards the 1880s when clubs began to emerge and inter-club matches became a regular feature.

Primarily because of its growing popularity and the emergence of diverse rules in the laws of the game, including size of playing courts and equipment, that a meeting was convened in London to bring some uniformity and consistency to the sport.

In 1893 the Badminton Association was founded to which 14 clubs were affiliated. The measurements of the court were agreed upon and a set of laws to govern the playing of the game was adopted. The Association based in England thus became the guardian of the Laws of the game and remained so for some 40 years.


Like most things, the sport did not remain static. More and more clubs began to be established and national associations began appearing in Europe, Australasia and the Americas. As the numbers increased, the Badminton Association which was, to all intents and purposes, English, felt that the time was appropriate that the affairs of the sport had to be handed over to a more ‘internationally representative’ body

Inaugural IBF Meeting – 5 July 1934

The Chairman (Prebble) then announced that the Badminton Association desired, through its representatives present, to accord its full recognition and support to the IBF just formed, and to hand over to that Federation the international control of the game and its Laws.